Luke 6:38 - It is in giving that we receive | ल्यूक 06:38 - यह है कि हम प्राप्त देने में है IndiPam's Yoga House | IndiPam के योग हाउस

IndiPam’s Yoga House
IndiPam के योग हाउस

IndiPam’s Yoga House for health and healing offers anyone seeking balance a peaceful and comfortable environment to meet, meditate or to just be with you.
Based on ideas and philosophies experienced during her time in India, Pamela aims to create an open home and refreshing natural surroundings, conducive to spiritual instruction and meditation.
Furthermore a sharing environment, much like the current ashrams in India which offer solitude, tranquility and upliftment, to facilitate karma yoga.

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Specialist Foot Care
विशेषज्ञ फुट की देखभाल

Vital Touch foot care focuses on superficial and surface ailments on the feet and nails including calcification of the toenails, fungal infections, calluses, corns, ingrown toe nails, poor circulation and more. Great care is taken to diagnose, treat and maintain the treatment of those ailments with expertise, individual personal care and tested natural products wherever possible. Clients vary from young to old and may include care for those suffering from common age related diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Pamela Tosh has been working in retirement homes and health care centres across the Western Cape since the beginning of 2012.

Karma Yoga
कर्म योग

Pamela and Anton aim to inspire and facilitate Western yogis to do more Karma Yoga, to expand on their current yoga practice towards a more holistic way of living. With the understanding that what we ‘do’ and what we ‘touch’ has a vital impact on everything around us.

Pamela began her work on the streets of Rishikesh, India’s yoga capital, in June 2013 after floods devastated the Northern region of India leaving many homeless.

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